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Point of use sterilization unit

The point of use (POU) sterilization unit from Neopure is a mobile stand-alone unit composed by an electric pure steam generator built-in a 4” pipe, with different level switches (maximum, and minimum) and an automatic feeding system. The equipment is provided by a pressure indicator and a safety valve set at 6 bar.

The connexion between the unit and the Point of Use is done by means of a sanitary hose with ASME BPE de ¾” clamp connexions.

The model E-POU-002 is mounted on a mobile trolley for an easy transport to the different Points of Use of the loop.

The user point sterilizer allows the sterilization of a single user point of a loop without sterilizing the whole loop and all costs and time derived and in a safety way.
Heat exchanger: AISI-316 L

Pipes, valves and instruments: AISI-316 L

Trolley: AISI-316 L

(La certificación de los materiales utilizados y la calibración de los instrumentos se adjuntan en la documentación del equipo).Todas las conexiones del equipo son del tipo: Casquillo clamp ASME BPE TC ¾” ´o ½”

The user point sterilizer is delivered with external sandblasting finishes. It is provided with a stainless steel control cabinet where is located a touch screen with a PLC incorporated. That can provide a CFR21 part 11 report. This encrypted report is easily removable by a USB pendrive.

The control system receives signal from level switches, compressed air pressure switch, sterilization temperature sensor and pressure sensor. All these data are all time displayed in the touch screen and recorded, as well as sterilization temperature and sterilization time.

The user point sterilizer of Neopure is provided with a special utility with temperature sensor and steam trap with ASME BPE ½-¾” clamp connection or 1-1½” clamp connection under request.

All valves provided are sanitary membrane valves and all connections clamp type ASME BPE AISI-316 L SFF1 PL.

Supplies Connection Pressure Consumption
Compressed air R. ¼” 6 bar 1 m³N/h
Power 220 VAC 50 Hz 3.5 kW
Drain TC½”