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Pure steam generators

Pure steam generators from Neopure can be supplied in two versions: The steam-heated generators have a heat exchanger with double tube-sheet (DTS)  designed to heat up incoming purified water with plant steam in the primary, obtain dry, degassed and high-quality steam in the secondary. For these laboratories who do not have plant steam source, it is possible to provide electrically heated units with the same result as far as quality is concern.

The pure steam is used in the pharmaceutical industry mainly to sterilize products, material, equipment (SIP) and to humidify clean rooms in some cases.
Tanks and heat exchangers: AISI-316 L

Pipes, valves and instruments: AISI-316 L

Bench: AISI-304

The pure steam generator and all its components are installed on a bench made of stainless steels AISI 304, in a way to have free access in both sides. In this way, the pure steam generator can be installed in a corner without maintenance problems.

It is a heat exchanger with a double plate in both ends and an expansion chamber mounted on a column made of stainless Steel AISI 316 L. The bottom of the column is closed by a klöpper bottom and the top has flanged connections.

The pipes of the heat exchanger are non-welded stainless steel AISI 316 L pipe., They are expanded in the both ends of the double-plate to be free of cracks and have a long operation life. All surfaces of pipes and parts in contact are mechanical polished (Ra < 0,64 µm).

The demineralized water and the pure steam flow by the internal part of the pipes and raw steam by the external part. It is provided with an external cover with 60 mm thick rock wool thermal isolation and stainless Steel AISI 304 satin. This design is according the cGMPs for these applications where the dirty fluid is more pressurised than process fluids.

Non-proprietary elements (Gemü, Siemens, Festo, SMC)