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Biodecontamination pass-boxes – PB VH2O2

The biodecontamination SAS Neopure PB VH2O2 series consists of three standard models with 200, 500 and 650-liter capacity chambers that have three types of cycles: load decontamination cycle, air filtration cycle (conventional SAS) and decontamination cycle of the filter. It consists of a nebulization system using the Dosymist OEM system from Solidfog Technologies, a control system with a PLC and a touch screen from Siemens, software 21CFRPart11. Catalytic system option for systems without extraction and / or rapid degradation of H2O2.

For aseptic areas, materials that could not be autoclaved traditionally had to be manually disinfected and then transferred via the MAL to the processing area. Such process is difficult to validate and offers no guarantee of correct application. With the PB VH2O2 pass-through chamber it is possible to carry out this task automatically and in a fully validatable way.

For biosafety areas, the SPB VH2O2 allows to extract the contaminated and reusable materials from the contained area to the outside, according to the level of surface biodecontamination required, minimal manipulation and with reproducibility guarantee.

Chamber and front panels in AISI 316L stainless steel, satin finish polished 

Transparent doors in acrylic glass, with inflatable perimeter seal

Ventilation system with HEPA filters and ducting in PVC integrated in technical area

VH2O2 nebulization system using the Solidfog™ Dosymist® OEM kit integrated in the equipment and control system

Elimination of VH2O2 by direct ventilation to the outside or as an option, by means of a catalytic system, with very low chamber neutralization times.

Monitoring of relative humidity and temperature

Control system by PLC and HMI 4.3” from Siemens™

The PB VH2O2 pass-through chamber allows the transfer of materials from one area to another with higher classification after disinfection with nebulized or vaporized hydrogen peroxide.